Project S by Simon Black

Project S by Simon Black
Air Bender: a selected card is fairly selected and lost in the pack. In a physics-bending display of skill, the performer balances a deck of cards on its thin edge, and, with nothing but a quick jet of air emitted from the mouth, slices it in two. The packets fall to the table, revealing the selection.

Ascaniesque: a graceful one-handed spread of cards, elegantly dropping 4 seemingly single cards to the table, while a fifth is concealed amongst them.
Asteroid Change: a visual color change in the spectator's hand the likes of which have never before been seen with sleight of hand.
Booster Gold: a visual color change you'll swear uses a flap.
B/T Change: a silky smooth visual color change with a modern remix.
Double Change: a beautifully choreographed visual color change of two cards.
DropSplit: a stunning blendo from the mind of Chris Stanislas, taught here in memoriam.
Fireweed: the cards are bridged after a riffle shuffle, and four kings bloom from the pack as if they were petals from a flower. In a quick turn of events, they change into four aces.
Hofzinser Mod: a slick new spin on an age-old force.
Oh Snap Change: a classic change with almost no cover.
PopSwipe: two cards appear in a split second as if plucked from midair.
Propaine: a vanish of a card in a sandwich that will make you do a double take.
Skywalker Flip: any desired cards flip face-up in the middle of a simple card spring.
StaticShock: a collectors routine on steroids that has to be seen to be believed.
S Classic Force: learn Simon's takes on the best force within the realm of sleight of hand. Never let anyone tell you it's not 100%.
DPS Production: a silly card production that is surprisingly eye-popping.
Tilt-a-Whirl: an insane color change of one card held at the fingertips. The mechanics are almost too much fun.

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